Brilliant ideas change the world

At Aurora Solutions we are committed to challenge ourselves and our customers to reach higher goals. We are inspired by change and with a passion to create value by developing products and tools solving complex business cases for the financial industry.

We have built several successful components in a demanding environment, and accumulated the knowledge and the tools into a technical platform to improve our quality and time-to-market for our deliveries.

The result is a center of excellence for financial technology capable of designing and delivering the solutions you need.

Gain access to our experience to enable new technologies, products and services

In short we deliver solutions to enable your new business with high quality and minimum effort.

We have a research and development department where most have a background in computer science, mathematics and/or physics and specializes in software development within the risk and quant space.

Our team can provide professional expertise in development of algorithms, tooling, and system development.

Our technical platform offers high-quality niche software modules from analytics and optimization models to automated test tools.

For outsourced deliveries of components and solutions

By working with us we can help leverage your knowledge and time-to-market to implement new technologies, products and services.

Our team allows you the option to outsource deliverables to our specialists when the developers in your project are too busy.

Use our technical platform to provide pre-built and tested components and tools for you to integrate in your project.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us at: